Maxine de Brunner on Police Horse


Maxine de Brunner was appointed Deputy Assistant Commissioner in 2012 for the Metropolitan Police, having risen to the very highest level in one of the most demanding and challenging corporations. Maxine has served as both Transformation Director and Central Operations lead in one of the most senior posts within this organisation, consistently delivering exceptional results in the management of complex, significant and high profile investigations and operations.

Maxine has held responsibility for policing public protest and the delivery of specialist policing services in London. As the transformation director she held responsibility for developing and delivering significant change programmes whilst balancing significant risk and securing financial vigilance to ensure exceptional service delivery.

Maxine was charged with leading one of the most historically significant change programmes to the structure and delivery of policing services, adapting skills and capabilities to enable the Metropolitan Police were able to respond to future threats, including cyber crime.

Responding to the need for unique financial restraint and reflecting fast developing changes within society, she has led on the creation of a flexible and adaptive policing model that re focuses energy on emerging challenges that have become global.