Maxine has delighted clients with her presentations - read what they have to say…

The feedback I that have received from those in the audience was unanimously positive…

Major General (Retd) David Shouesmith, Chairman Royal Logistic Corps Foundation

Maxine De Brunner led a leadership away day at Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust. It was attended by over 100 senior clinical and non-clinical leaders. She presented the excellent transformation programme which she had delivered for the Metropolitan Police Service.


Maxine is mesmerising – absolutely credible in her knowledge and experience and I have taken so much away with me.


I really like the fact that you took us on a journey, it was your experience and you made the connections for us, I can’t wait to get back and share the messages.

Jo Taylor, CNWL

Thought provoking.


She really understood how to transform an organisation and how to keep her staff engaged and still feeling valued.


Very, very good - so informative, felt honoured to hear the presentation.


Brilliant woman - inspiring and human.


Excellent, inspiring, thought provoking - already planning potential changes!


Very thought provoking.


Very inspirational.

NHS Colchester

One of the best speeches I have ever heard.…how inspirational your speech was today. The size of the task you had and the way you explained it, and made it ‘real’ to us all was so very, very impressive 10/10!

Lewis Field, MD SCL

Ms De Brunner was totally engaged with the audience. She developed a clear link between the work of the NHS and the police service, by sharing the  work she had led on and relating it to healthcare.


Her style enabled her to get the best from the conference both during the presentation and  the Q and A  session. She was challenging and supportive when  required.

NHS Colchester

Fabulous and inspiring, thank you.

Paul Stephen, City & Islington College


Ian Thorogood, tenetservices.com